Collaborative Summer Scholarship Award for Faculty-Student Teams

Collaborative Summer Scholarship Awards (CSSA) provide a unique opportunity that supports faculty-student engagement in a collaborative mentored scholarly endeavor for 5 weeks during the summer.

The award supports a team of two faculty-student pairs. Each faculty member must come from a different division of the College. For example, a faculty member and a student from Division III might collaborate with a faculty-student pair from Division V (e.g., Music and Computer Science or Art and Biology).

If awarded, the CSSA supports:

  • A $2000 stipend to the undergraduate fellow.
  • Summer housing on the WFU campus (if requested).
  • Up to $500 in supplies, to be used on the scholarly project (if requested).

Important details to consider:

  • Students applying for the CSSA must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Applications require the full consent of faculty mentors.
  • Projects are co-mentored by faculty of the College.
  • The fellowship must span at least 5 consecutive weeks of the summer months.
  • The fellowship is meant to provide an intensive scholarly experience for the student.  Students who receive a CSSA may not take summer session classes, nor have additional employment during the summer months.
  • Housing on campus during your research will follow the same schedule as Summer School. Funding will only cover the cost of your portion of a double occupancy room. If you choose to request a single occupancy room, you would be responsible for paying the difference.
  • Applications are due February 8, 2019.
  • Completion of the project requires the submission of an abstract and presentation of the scholarly work at Undergraduate Research Day, which is held in the fall semester on Parent’s Weekend.

Please email the completed application (PDF format) to Dr. Tony Marsh, Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creativity ( and contact him if you have any questions.


Application for Collaborative Summer Scholarship Award for Faculty-Student Teams

Application Deadline: February 8, 2019.

To be completed by the two collaborating faculty members. Responses may be in the form of a brief paragraph containing all of the requested information. Note that faculty members must come from different divisions of the College.

  1. Participants (Please describe the composition of the 4 person team, including names and divisions/departments of the faculty-student pairs, email addresses, current student GPA and major, expected graduation dates of the students and their status during summer 2019 (rising), request for housing for the students if necessary)
  2. Project Description (Please provide the description of the project summarizing the unique nature of the collaboration along with its rationale and significance, begin and end dates, weekly plan for the 5 week project, and expected outcomes for the faculty members and the students)
  3. Outcome (Describe what student researchers and faculty mentors will be able to accomplish by the end of this project.)
  4. Budget (Describe the proposed budget, i.e., use of the $2000 award for implementation)