"Wake Forest Arts & Humanities Research Fellowship" Archive

Tyler Miller

Project:  A Third Way: Comparing the Foundations of Distributism to the Foundations of Capitalism and of Socialism

Mentor: Patrick Toner, Philosophy

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Talia Roberts

Talia RobertsProject:  Dynamic Interactions Between Hand-Weaving and Oil Painting

Mentor:  Jennifer Gentry, Studio Art

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Lauren Brown

Project:  How Division I Athletes Are Used for Unjust Economic Benefit

Mentor:  Todd McFall, Economics

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Kelly O’Keefe

Kelly O’KeefeProject:  Quantifying the Arts:  Improvisational Movement for Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairement

Mentors:  Christina Soriano, Dance and Christina Hugenschmidt, Sticht Center on Healthy ...

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Kamryn King

Kamryn KingProject:  The Impact of Improvisational Movement on the Quality of Life found in Marginalized Groups of Older Adults

Mentor:  Christina Soriano, Dance

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