The purpose of this fund is to support faculty who wish to engage Wake Forest undergraduate students in their scholarly pursuits during the academic year, within the context of individually mentored projects such as directed readings, independent study, or Honor’s thesis projects.  To qualify, the project must be directly mentored by a faculty member, and the student must receive academic credit for the scholarly endeavor.  This fund provides up to $250 per student to pay for resources required to complete the mentored scholarship.  Valid uses for such funding might include any expense related to the specified project.  The following serve as possible examples:

  • Books needed for directed reading/analysis.
  • Gas expenses to visit off-campus archives or research sites.
  • Reagents/supplies for laboratory work.

Ready to Apply?

Deadline: Rolling

When: Academic Year and Summer Sessions

Who: Faculty Apply

Funding: Up to $250


It is not the purpose of this fund to provide monies for coursework that is part of a faculty member’s regular teaching load, or that is a required part of the curriculum for any major, minor, or program.  Support for such regular coursework should be provided by the department or program.  As a practical example, the first semester of a research experience for Chemistry is required for the major; expenses related to CHEM 391 may not be requested through this fund.  However, if a faculty member chose to mentor a student for a second non-required semester to continue work on an ongoing project, then this fund could be used to support the student’s work during the second semester.