"Richter Scholarship Program" Archive

Yong Su An

Yong Su AnProject:  Caste System Influences on Nepal Healthcare Delivery

(Kathmandu, Nepal)

Mentor:  Steve Folmar, Anthropology

Xinjie (Addison) Wang

Project:  Mosques in China: Distinct Localization of Islamic Architecture


Mentor:  Chanchal Dadlani, Art History

Victoria (Tori) Spong

Victoria (Tori) SpongProject:  Creativity and Mental Illness: A Cross-analysis Through Playwriting

(Dublin, Ireland)

Mentor:  Steve Gunkel, Sociology and
Brook Davis, Theatre

Udhayaswaran (Swaran) Ponshunmugam

Udhayaswaran (Swaran) PonshunmugamProject:  Spatial Distribution of Culturally-Significant Architecture in Singapore


Mentor:  Dan Du, History

Titilola Babatunde

Titilola BabatundeProject:  The Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Ecuadorian Youth

(Managua Nicaragua)

Mentor: Christy Buchanan, Psychology