Lauren Peters

Lauren PetersDepartment: Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Weaver

When you entered Wake Forest as a first-year student, did you anticipate being able to pursue research with a faculty member?

Yes, research was definitely one of my goals in attending undergraduate school, and I entered Wake knowing that there were many opportunities to mentor with professors.

How and when did you learn about mentored research and the URECA Center?

I actually learned about URECA on one of my student-led tours before I entered Wake Forest. Last summer my roommate conducted research in coordination with the Richter Scholarship, which encouraged me to pursue my own project this year.

What led you to become involved in research as an undergraduate?

I wanted to pursue research because I am interested in going to Graduate School for Psychology, and I knew research would better prepare me for my future academic endeavors.

Can you describe the relationship you have had with some of your faculty members?  What did you learn?  How did you learn that?

My mentor constantly provides me with opportunities to analyze data and write papers so that I can have authorship and experience in research. She has also helped me design my own project so that I could present at the SNCURS Conference this weekend.

How has URECA influenced your ideas about scholarship and your life passions or work?

URECA has given me excellent experience for Graduate School. It was great affirmation to be acknowledged by the university center and to be able to present my research at the state level.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience doing mentored research?

I highly encourage students to reach out to professors and faculty members for mentorship. I have worked in three different labs and am so encouraged by their active involvement in students’ lives.


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