Tips on Preparing and Presenting a Poster

Hints on preparing posters:

Pictures are better than text
If you have a lot to say, use bullets and schematics instead of full sentences
Keep font size big and font simple
Don’t try to be too cute

Poster template: 36X36_template
If you choose to use another size template, it must be no larger than 36″ wide (vertically oriented)

Poster examples
History poster: Oscar Lewis and Poverty poster
Chemistry poster: VSV Poster
Note that a poster larger than 36 X 36 must be oriented vertically for Research Day!

For more tips visit Designing Conference Posters by Colin Purrington

To have URECA pay for your poster printing, send a 36 X 36 poster in pdf format (print to pdf from PowerPoint) to with the subject line “Poster to print for Fall 2021 Research Day“. Don’t wait until the last minute to print your poster; you should plan to have it printed early in the week. Deadline for submitting your poster for printing is Monday, September 27th at noon. Posters must be picked up from the Copy Center by 5:00 pm on Thursday, September 30th.  

Learn more about preparing for Undergraduate Research Day.