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2013 Undergraduate Research Day

Seventh Annual Undergraduate Research Day

4 October 2013, Benson University Center

IMG_2320 IMG_2267 IMG_2263
IMG_2261 IMG_2258 IMG_2379
IMG_2369 IMG_2359 IMG_2355
IMG_2336 IMG_2295 IMG_2290
IMG_2288 IMG_2286 IMG_2278
IMG_2436 IMG_2433 IMG_2426
IMG_2423 IMG_2406 IMG_2402
IMG_2395 IMG_2394 IMG_2391
IMG_2384 IMG_2251 IMG_2312
IMG_2380 IMG_2390 IMG_2273
IMG_2498 IMG_2494 IMG_2486
IMG_2484 IMG_2473 IMG_2472
IMG_2464 IMG_2461 IMG_2451

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2012 Undergraduate Research Day

Sixth Annual Undergraduate Research Day

28 September 2012, Benson University Center

Student Research Poster Presentations

Post Arab Spring: The Fate of Egyptian Tourism, Akina Anand, Department of Economics

Transforming Gandharba Identity, Dain Finke, Department of Anthropology

Dalit Caste Identity ...

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