"Wake Forest Research Fellowship" Archive

Wenbo Ye

Project:  Tax Flights

Mentor:  Koleman Strumpf, Economics

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Xilin Xu

Xilin XuProject:  The friendship paradox and the degree-wise effect of multiple steps

Mentor:  Kenneth Berenhaut, Mathematics and Statistics

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Tyler Witt

Tyler WittProject:  Effects of Diet and Exercise on Balance and Falls Among Overweight and Obese Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis

Mentor:  Stephen Messier, Health and Exercise Science

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Haochun Wang

Haochun WangProject:  How Declination and Efficiency Gap Cooperate and Contradict with Each Other

Mentors:  Stephen Robinson and Jason Parsley, Mathematics and Statistics

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John Vanderwolf

John VanderwolfProject:  Fabrication of Bamboo Fiber-Embedded Epoxy Composites

Mentors:  Jed Macosko, Physics and
Elizabeth Boatman, Engineering

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